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The more international experience one has, the more one becomes aware of the hidden differences and of the inevitable risks of misunderstanding.


Despite the fact that I am a native Anglophone, with advanced degrees from top New York schools (including a masters in both international business and finance), my professional experience spanning Asia, Europe and the U.S. only progressively revealed to me that – 'mastery' of the English language is no guaranty for transparent exchange. 
Further, as my understanding of foreign cultures grew, it also became clear that the nuances proper to each either evaporated or became distorted in international discourse. 

When foreign ideas are exchanged via a foreign language,

the unexpected is the norm.


True, English has become the language of international business, but it is far from being a "universal" language. The common belief that English creates some magical transparency is simply ...
not true.  Even native Anglophones are handicapped in today's 'global conversation'.


The integrity of ideas are at risk!  ... and this has its costs.


The general denial of this crucial fact does not eliminate the costs to business. Sometimes attributed to the international learning curve, the consequent errors can now be identified and avoided.


>  What are the key elements to take into account? 


It took me years to decipher this elusive problem and to develop a practical, easy-to-assimilate business solution:

>  the Stratcom Protocol


>  Master the Risk Dynamics of Global Communication



when ideas count.

the following pages present a summary of this problem and the solution developed by Stratcom.



 The use of English on a global scale adds to the risk parameters known to international business.

But the impact is even more insidious – 

Since this risk is not officially recognized,

the negative consequences pass under the radar.


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